We recommend you commit to two actions. First, read the THE STORY OF OUR DAIRY FARMERS—A CULTURE OF GOODNESS AND NECESSITY and The Schmitmeyer Family Story, then write and send your story along for us to share. Second, collectively organize fellow dairy farmers, friends, etc., to participate in thee Big marketing PUSH from December 12th through February 1st. Your goal is to saturate every form of media over these 52 days with the Dairy Crisis story—especially the solution—until every American can repeat it in their sleep! Supporters of family dairy farms are welcome to join in the event as well.

If you feel so inclined, there are those who have offered to pray during the 52 day event. The first prayer is for our Heavenly Father to place on the hearts of the people of our country, a desire to support family dairies by receiving fresh real milk, delivered to their home, from a dairy family that follows a food safety protocol, reviewed daily—and whom they know personally. Second, they will humbly ask that their prayers be joined with those of Our Lady of Guadalupe over the 52 day period. These would be united to those who would join others in prayer and a one-day-a-week fast—for the welfare of our family dairy farmers. Then look for the Explosion of Love!

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